Here are some of the programming projects I’ve worked on. You can also visit my Github page if you want to snoop through the code.

Daniel Shiffman p5.js tutorials (Oct 2015)

I’m learning p5.js by watching Daniel Shiffman’s p5 tutorials. My first p5 app is an app of the p5 demos. FYI, it is so much easier to do animations using p5 vs CSS.

  • The menu on the right is all done in p5.
  • Clicking on an item loads a particular demo in the iframe.
  • p5 handles adding the menu the DOM and the click events.

Parks and Recreation (Feb 2015)
App to help people find parks in Los Angeles. (team project)


  • Won second place at the Wonder Women Hackathon.
  • Implemented RESTful API to connect to MongoDB using Node/Express.
  • Displayed the list of L.A. Parks and information about individual parks using Angular.
  • Mentored two teammates about Angular and Git.
  • Tech used: Angular, Node, Bootstrap, Google API, and HTML5 geolocation.
  • Github repo

What’s on the Menu?

Analyzed four menus from the New York Public Library for Neo4j Winter Challenge.

Tech used: Neo4j, Azure Virtual Machines.

Shapes and Dots (Jan 2015)
Simple CSS3 animation involving lines and dots.

Flickring Cities (2014)
Web app that shows Flickr photos for random cities. (solo project)

  • Tech used: Javascript, CSS3, Flickr API, Mapbox API, Jade, Node/Express, regex.
  • Github repo

Chatting with Watson (2014)
A chat app that automatically translates the messages into another language. (solo hackathon)


  • Enabled event-based messaging via web sockets using and Node.
  • Implemented automatic language translation of user’s messages using IBM Watson machine translator API.
  • Tech used: IBM BlueMix, IBM Watson Machine Translation,, jQuery, Node/Express, Jade.
  • Github repo

Appception (2014)
Online code editor that allows users to create, edit and deploy web apps. (team project)


  • Enabled users to edit their Github repos by integrating Angular, Express, Adobe Brackets and Github API.
  • Simplified Heroku deployment into a three-click process by integrating Angular, Github API and Heroku API.
  • Built a RESTful API with Github and Heroku OAuth authentication using Express and Passport.
  • Tech used: Angular, Node/Express, Passport, Yeoman, Grunt, Github API, Heroku API, Brackets/Nimble code editor.
  • Github repo

Tate Art Explorer (2014)
Web app to browse the 45,000+ works of art at the Tate Museum. (team project)


  • Implemented artwork recommendations based on user likes and artwork metadata using graph database Neo4j.
  • Enhanced the existing search engine by adding search by word, search by phrase and autocomplete.
  • Tech used: Angular, Node/Express, Neo4j, Grunt.
  • Github repo

Github Scout (2014)
Web app to display statistics about Github users and languages. (team project)


  • Built data visualizations to compare language popularity on Github using D3, Angular and Google BigQuery.
  • Created a heat map to compare Github activity by country using D3, Mapbox and Leaflet.
  • Tech used: Angular, Node/Express, Leaflet, Mapbox, D3, Bookshelf, Knex, mysql.
  • Github repo

CSS Mess (2014)
Chrome extension that messes up any page with CSS. (solo project)

CSS Defense (2014)
A Tower Defense-style game made using only CSS. Not a lick of Javascript required. (solo project)


  • Tech used: CSS3, not a lick of Javascript.
  • Github repo

Y’all Tube (2014)
A collaborative YouTube mashup that displays multiple user-submitted YouTube videos simultaneously. Built using Firebase and JQuery. (solo project)


  • Tech used: JavaScript, regex, Firebase, jQuery, DomPurify.
  • Github repo

Exoplanets (2014)
A chart showing the distances and sizes of the 1,800+ exoplanets using D3.js. (solo project)


My Favorite Tweets (2014)
A searchable archive of the tweets I favorited.

  • Tech used: PHP, Twitter API, CodeIgniter, MySQL, cron.

Stats for Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter at (2013)


  • Displayed stats for Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter.
  • Gathered and scraped data for 320,000+ Kickstarter users and 3,500+ projects using a custom library, regex and curl.
  • Tech used: PHP, Highcharts, Google Maps API, Twitter API, CodeIgniter, regex, curl and MySQL. (2012)

A web app that scans geology blogs and creates google maps that lists the various cool places that geologist bloggers have written about. (solo project)


  • Scraped over 1,200 blog posts using Codeigniter, regex, and curl.
  • Created maps that displays the places the geologist have blogged about using Google Maps API, Codeigniter, and MySQL.
  • Tech used: PHP, Google Maps API, CodeIgniter, regex, curl and MySQL.

Intranet jobs database for Structural Graphics (2009)
Database web app that allows employees to search through the company’s catalogue of 15,000+ jobs. (solo project)

  • Conceptualized and built a database web app using CodeIgniter and MySQL.
  • Cleaned, consolidated, and normalized data from five different sources including Excel, Filemaker, and text files into one MySQL database.
  • Tech used: PHP, CodeIgniter, and MySQL.

I was a the leader of the web team for a Veronica Mars TV show fansite. The site uses a custom CMS built by a couple members of our webteam. Coolest feature of the site, besides the snarky writing, is the ability to show and hide content based on which episodes the users have watched.