I’m Wai-Yin Kwan. I’m a nerd who likes to create things. The things I create are kinda nerdy, hence the name “NerdyCreativity.com”. Two examples of my nerdy creativity are paper engineering and web design/web development.

I was a packaging/pop-up designer at a company called  Structural Graphics. I used paper and glue all day long to turn client concepts into comps that pop up, collapse, spin, flip, slide, and/or transform. Occasionally I got to use geometry and algebra to figure out design problems, which made my inner-nerd all kinds of happy. 

Another outlet for my nerdy creativity is programming. I started with static HTML/CSS sites, became the leader of a web team for a Veronica Mars fansite that used a custom-built CMS, moved onto PHP programming, and eventually became a Javascript software engineer. It’s been both fun and exasperating journey.