Notes from Trails.js meetup

– create by a consultancy for rapid development
– devs moved from Sails.js to Trails.js because Sails.js development has slowed down. e.g No plans to upgrade to Express 4.
– Trials is built with ES6

– 1.0 beta is not ready for production
– production-ready 1.0 will be release in April

– currently supports express and hapi as the server, and waterline as the ORM. There is planned support for koa, bookshelf, and sequelize.
– core of Trails is pretty basic. It’s up to users to add Trailspacks for additional features such as servers and ORM.
– When you create a model, Trails automatically sets up the GET, POST, etc endpoint
– when you want to change a model, edit the schema, and restart the server. The db will be updated.