I attend a LA Software Craftsmanship Google hangout yesterday with 8th Light’s Dave Moore, one of the organizers of SCNA. Here are some notes.

– speaker: Dave Moore

8th Light
– consulting firm from Chicago
– just started L.A. office. About 10 people.

SCNA – usually in Chicago
– first time in L.A.

craftsmanship – do something really well

many people are entering dev world
– they don’t have formal training
– apprenticeship helps train people

deadline vs craftsmanship
– when you jump into existing codebase, how do can you be practice craftsman?
– clients and bosses don’t know what is possible
– up to devs to tell them what is possible in order to make quality code
– it’s ok to cut scope in order to achieve quality code

Why L.A. for the conference?
– Santa Monica have lots of startups; some are craftsman, some want to play with new toys to build cool stuff
– OC is more enterprise
– Downtown mix of startups and enterprise, plus government contracts
– there isn’t strong software craftsmanship in LA

About the conference
– organizers handpicked the speakers who have good reputation
– must-see speakers include Uncle Bob, Gary Bernhardt “destroy all software”,