On February 28th and March 1st, I participated in the Wonder Women hackathon. Our team came in second place for making an app that allows users to search the Los Angeles parks. This was my fourth hackathon and third time I placed in the top three. So, yay for me.

But more importantly, this was the first time I participated in a hackathon with a team. In our team of seven people, only two of us knew each other before the hackathon; the rest were total strangers. It was really cool two watch a group of strangers–each with a different skill set and skill level–come together, and contribute what they could in order to finish the app.

Even though I’ve been coding in javascript for less than a year, I was the senior programmer on the team. One of the programmers was half-way through a bootcamp, and the other team member dropped out of a bootcamp and was learning on his own. It was kinda neat being able to share what I knew with others.